Friday, June 21, 2013

Unit 3 Reflection

In unit three I asked the students to find real life examples of geometric terms. They could pick any theme. I have assigned this project in the classroom but with the pictures and terms on traditional word processor printed paper. I like the multimedia approach much better.

Unit 2 Reflection

In unit two the students had to pick a raised bed garden plot with two different sizes of beds. The purpose was to make a large plot with several objects. The area of the smaller objects as well as pathes between them had to be considered to get the dimensions of the larger plot. The media that I would consider using next time is 3D modeling. The media I used was telling the steps and dimensions. For this project I think a visual of the plot would have been better.

Unit 1 Reflection

In unit one I covered slope - intercept form of the linear equation. I picked a white water rafting trip to explore setting up linear equations. In a future assignment I would choose something that has a definite fixed cost. When choosing the white water rafting trip I assumed most companies would have a fixed cost for a guide but that was not the case. Although the fixed cost, which is the y - intercept, can be zero it would have been better to have more variety. I would still use the same media choices.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Web 2.0 Toollashcards

FunnelBrain is an interactive online learning website. It is difficult to find websites with Algebra skills that allow the students to be interactive. This website has flashcards for factoring and foiling and system of equations. When students are practicing with the flashcards the time they spend on each flashcard is recorded as well as how many answers are correct.
This is a website I would use with students in the computer lab. This would allow me to assign individual students the flashcards with the concept they need to work on.
The website can be found here.